You are a perfect child of God, and all you need is provided to you.

Welcome to this website. The purpose of this site is to promote spiritual and physical health by exploring what makes us the spiritual and physical beings that we are. Its fundamental premise is that physical well-being is derived primarily from spiritual well-being. Our Universe is Spirit made manifest, and we are composed of God-stuff. Indeed, God is all there is in this Universe. When we understand that, we are on the Path to knowing how to create perfect health and happiness in ourselves.

There is no way to teach you about the God in you. You must discover it for yourself. All anyone can try to do is to help you learn where and how to look. You will know it when you find it.

The centerpiece of your self-study must be the daily practice of meditation in some form. There are many ways to meditate, and no one can choose one for you. You may find some examples if you follow the links on this page, but you may also find that the style of meditation that works for you is not listed here. Roam freely through the world of contemporary mysticism and try as many different practices as you care to.

You may find that meditation leads you to sources of knowledge you did not know existed. There are many terms for the ultimate Source of all knowledge -- God, Spirit, the Universe, or the Higher Self, to name a few -- and you may find that these terms are used interchangeably as fits the context. Another name for the Higher Self is the Teacher, and if you read the blog you will find a number of sayings attributed to the Teacher within.

Please visit the blog, but it's probably not a good use of your time to try to read it from start to finish. Browse the titles of the different entries, and pick one that seems to suit your mood or the type of guidance you are most in need of at the moment.

I have published a book, "Spontaneous Beauty", compiling several years of blog entries containing a great deal of guidance on meditation, healing, and spiritual answers to everyday questions. The book can be ordered here.

You will also find links to other items that you may enjoy. Some are on this website, and some are on websites maintained by others. This website has no responsibility for anything you may find on another website, and of course the other sites' authors have no responsibility for what's posted here.

Again, welcome. We hope that this site helps you on your own journey. Please feel free to share with us any thoughts or stories you may have. We love you and wish you all the best experiences along your way.


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What is spiritual healing?

As the term is used here, spiritual healing refers to any one of several modalities that are used to remove the appearance or impression that any aspect of a person's mind, body, spirit or life situation is impaired or imperfect. Thus, if a person is feeling stressed or fearful, she or another person may use spiritual healing to restore her mind and body to balance and tranquility. If a person's body appears to be ill or injured, spiritual healing may be used to dispel the illusion and reveal the physical manifestation of God's flawless being in that person. All spiritual healing is a form of prayer, and is used to bring human perception into harmony with the reality that all things are in God and of God, and therefore perfect.

Another word for spiritual healing is energy healing. Here are some brief (though not necessarily full or even adequate) descriptions of some methods:

Pranic Healing is a form of energy healing taught by the late Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui and Master Stephen Co. It involves the channeling by the practitioner of energy drawn from the Universe into the physical body, chakras, and aura (collectively referred to here as the body, for convenience) of the subject. It can be performed in person or at a distance and through the hands or through crystals. Different colors of energy may be used for different purposes. Energy may be drawn out of the body as well as projected into it, as the situation warrants. Pranic Healing places considerable emphasis on cleansing stale or dirty energy from the body and removing energetic blockages. It can be used to treat all sorts of physical, mental, and emotional disorders. Whether at a distance or in person, it is the practitioner's intention which guides the energy in the healing process. You may find that the methodology of Pranic Healing is a metaphor for the same process that occurs in the more mystical healing modalities described below. More on Pranic Healing can be found here.

Mantra Meditation as taught by Thomas Ashley-Farrand involves a great deal more than healing. A brief description of mantras can be found here. Mantras chanted in Sanskrit carry powerful vibrational energy which can cause changes in the health and life circumstances of the person chanting or the person for whom the mantra is chanted. Mantras invoke Universal energies to accomplish this, just as a crystal may magnify the energy used in pranic healing. The origin of mantras is rooted in Vedic religion and astrology. Specific mantras call upon individual vedic deities, or in a more modern interpretation, specific spiritual principles to accomplish their work. For physical ailments, a mantra associated with the ailing part of the body may be chanted.

Spiritual Mind Treatment was taught by Ernest Holmes, founder of Religious Science. There are two principal Religious Science organizations today, the United Church of Religious Science and Religious Science International. A central principle of Religious Science is that one's thoughts and intentions create one's reality through the operation of a universal Law which gives form to individual intention. Spiritual Mind Treatment is a 5-step process for implementing this principle. The steps are described here as follows: (1) Recognition: Begin by recognizing that God is all there is. (2) Unification: Be aware that you and God are one perfect infinite intelligence capable of producing the result for which the treatment is being performed. (3) Realization: Express your realization of the Truth that the result is already accomplished. (4) Thanksgiving: "Express your gratitude for the successful completion of your declaration of Truth and for your willingness to see it, believe it, and surrender to its unfoldment." (5) Release: Release the treatment to the Law, along with any doubt that it was accomplished before the asking. As a healing practice, spiritual mind treatment can be seen as expressing the recognition of the inherent perfection of every individual, and the illusory nature of disease and infirmity.

Oneness is a healing principle drawn from the teachings of Joel Goldsmith and Ron Roth. The term is not given special significance in the teachings of either of them, however. It describes what may be the fundamental Truth behind all spiritual healing, which is also found in spiritual mind treatment: that God is all there is; that each person is an individual manifestation of God's perfection; and that healing consists of dispelling the illusion that anything other than perfection can exist. The practice consists simply of meditating on this Truth and denying the reality of any condition that is inconsistent with it.

Spiritual healing is not a substitute for conventional medical treatment! Spiritual healing is performed only as an adjunct to conventional (allopathic) medicine. Under no circumstances should a person delay seeking treatment from a medical doctor because he or she is receiving spiritual healing treatments. Spiritual healing and allopathic medicine complement and supplement each other, and neither is foolproof or guarantees results. For reports on the use of pranic healing by medical doctors, click here.

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Who is a spiritual healer?

God is the only spiritual healer. There can be no healer other than God, because God is everything. For the same reason, God is also the person in need of healing, and the people who help bring that healing to light are God.

All that anyone can do to assist in spiritual treatment is to bring the knowledge that each individual is a perfect manifestation of God into the light of consciousness. Whether this is done by simple meditation or by the manipulation of chakra energy, the moving force underlying any treatment is the Oneness of all energies in God.

Why do some spiritual treatments seem to be more successful than others? Ultimately there is no answer to this question other than that God's will must be done. God's will means the orderly flow of Universal energies and principles. Each of us is part of that will, and each of us contributes to it and is guided by it. As individuals we are not capable of understanding why God's will produces one result in a particular situation, and a different result in another similar situation. Some believe that each soul creates a script or charter for itself before it incarnates, and the fate of an individual may simply be that script playing itself out. Others believe in karma as an independent force. There is nothing, however, that proves our lives are entirely predestined; we all have choices to make and we can influence the flow of energy in ways that sometimes manifest as healings. We can prepare ourselves by meditating on the unity of all souls in God and by living our lives in ways that are consistent with the knowledge that God is love and love is everything. We can refuse to give our attention to what appear to be negative energies and influences. We can place nothing but positive intentions and expectations into the flow of energy, or what Ernest Holmes called the Law. We can see and implement in our actions the impossibility of hurting another without hurting ourselves; of being angry at another without being angry at ourselves; and of loving ourselves without loving every single manifestation of God in the Universe, which is to say everything that is. In this way we bring ourselves into vibrational harmony with God's energies and it becomes easier for us to direct the flow to produce outcomes that are consistent with our thoughts and intentions.

This, then, is what a "healer" is: a person attuned to God's will who, by inspiration or training, is capable of seeing only healthy outcomes. Such a person has no power in himself or herself, but is a focus of God's love and power in whose physical or mental presence healing occurs.

A Healing Blessing

You are a perfect child of God, and all your needs are provided before you ask.

God's love enfolds you now, warming your soul and permeating your body, softening and driving out any appearance of negative thoughts, energies, and emotions.

God's light glows from your center, and its rays emanating from you shine forth in purity and power. No shadow of illness or infirmity can exist in the presence of this brilliant illumination.

God's peace is in you always, soothing and calming whenever you turn to it for comfort.

We are God's perfection manifest in physical form. We are one in God and God is one in us. This is the one Universal Truth in this moment and at all times, in this place and everywhere.

By the power of God in you, you are whole.

And so it is.


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Chakra Cleansing and Balancing Meditation

Please take a few moments to read the description of the daily breathing practice here. If you follow this practice, along with any other meditation practice you employ, you will enjoy much greater physical and spiritual well-being.

A recorded guided healing meditation can be found here.

I am a sinless child of God

And I am perfect now.

Repeat this many times a day as a mantra. If you hear a voice in your head denying this, that voice is not you, and it is not God. Therefore, it does not exist, or rather it does not exist until you will it into being. Although your will created it, you cannot silence this voice by willing it not to be. That would only create conflict and greater disturbance within you. Look deep within yourself until you find the place where it arises. Look deeper still and you will find the buried pain that gives it strength. By understanding this pain, releasing it, and forgiving yourself for any thoughts or deeds that preceded it, you will deny it the force that it needs in order to exist. You will cease to intend to suffer that pain and endure that voice, and they will be no more.

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